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D&D Attack Wing: Story Line Organized Play Event – Tyranny of Dragons

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Product Description

Greetings D&D Attack Wing fans!

With the first D&D Attack Wing Story Line Organized Play Event, Tyranny of Dragons, just around the corner we wanted to create a program overview to help everyone get a good idea of what to expect. This OP event has some key differences from any we have done in the past.

The new program will include:

  • To purchase Exclusive Limited Edition Attack Wing version of Tiamat Figures.
  • Blind boosters for D&D Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons OP sealed play will also be available. They will first be available for month two of the program, and we expect to have inventory until at least month four. However, boosters will only be available while supplies last and will be limited based on OP kit and general D&D Attack Wing purchases.
  • Blind boosters for D&D Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons OP sealed play are covered by the PPLA and cannot be marked for resale. They can only be used for tournament purposes.
  • The monthly point system allows more exciting play in the final months as players have the ability to score more points. So players who are learning or missed an early event can still compete to be the overall winner of D&D Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons.
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