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D&D Attack Wing The Tomes of Power Storyline Organized Play Kits

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Product Description

The Tomes of Power Storyline contains an epic quest for three mysterious and powerful lost tomes. At the inception of this saga, the Compass of Lost Treasures has revealed that a powerful tome is hidden within an ancient tomb filled with treasure chests.

Legions of creatures have flocked to the tomb and must battle for control of the tome. After the first bout of looting and fighting, the compass guides the rival legions to a long forgotten battlefield. The battlefield contains magic ballistae scattered throughout the plain that are still active. As the players battle for control of the second tome, they may gain control of the magic ballistae and use them to blast their opponents from a distance. In the epic conclusion of this storyline, the heroes are guided to the final tome, which lies buried in the center of a large valley. Each legion has amassed a mighty force to fight for the last tome.


Will your legion be able to overcome the trials at hand and collect all three tomes to gain inconceivable power? Find out by travelling to your local game store and venturing across the vast landscape of the world while seeking out The Tomes of Power!

OP Kit Contents:

  • Three (3) Limited Edition Competitive Prize Packs
  • Ten (10) Limited Edition Participation Prizes
  • One (1) Organized Play Addendum/Instruction Sheet outlining suggested event format
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