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Lizardmen Saurus Regiment

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Product Description

Mighty Saurus Wariors form the basis of the armies of the Lizardmen, for it is they who were created specifically for the purpose of warfare by the Old Ones. Saurus are spawned in dark pools in the caverns beneath the temple-cities. From the moment they are grown enough to crawl from the spawning pools, they know how to fight and conduct warffare. Many are the accounts of the Saurus launching perfectly timed ambushes and manoeuvres, even when it might seem to an outside observer that there was no communication amongst the Saurus themselves.

Entire spawnings occasionally produce Saurus Warriors that have slightly different natural abilities and skills than their brethren. Some say that the Old Ones foresaw the future, and could predict when warriors with particular skills would be needed, and so the seemingly random spawnings are all part of the Old Ones’ careful calculations. These spawnings are regarded as blessings from the gods themselves, sent to ais the Slann in their sacred duty. Saurus Warriors are a Core unit choice in a Lizardmen Army. They may be fielded in regiments of 10+.

The Saurus Warriors boxed set contains sixteen (16) plastic Saurus Warriors including one (1) Saurus Standard Bearer and one (1) Saurus Musucian.

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