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Terradon Riders

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Product Description

Flying ahead of the main Lizardmen army, Terradons harry and harass enemy regiments from the air, before diving into combat to finish them off.

The Terradon Riders can be armed with javelins or flaming fire leech bolas (which are as cool as they sound!), whilst the champion has a head crest of feathers. There are different designs of collars that can be attached to the necks of the Terradons and three Drop Rocks that can be attached to each of the models.

It is also possible to make the special character Tiktaq’to on his Terradon Zwup from the contents of this kit. He can be armed with the Blade of Ancient Skies, and wear the Mask of Heavens over his face.

As well as all this there are enough extra bits on the sprues to add masonry to the bases, and extra feathers where you need them. There is also a Bloat Toad included on the frame which can be used an in-game marker.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 113 components with which to make either 3 Lizardmen Terradon Riders, 3 Ripperdactyl Riders, or Tiktaq’to and 2 other riders.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

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